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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic Ice Dancing - Chatroulette not Working Test Post

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This blog has been idle for a long time. Just want to make a quick post if G will still index this blog with a PR3.

So, nothing to write, no topic to discuss, just a simple experiment.

I actually go to the trend what is rising keyword, I saw "olympic ice dancing" on volcanic search which is a popular event in the 2010 VAncouver Olympic.

Another notable keyword is the "chatroulette not working". Chatroulette is actually a cam - chat site where you can connect randomly to strangers, no registration needed. Just prepare yourself though as there are weird gals/guys lurking there..

That's all for now.

right after I press the publish post,I check hte page in G. Surprisingly, G index the post in 2 seconds!

So, I think I can use this blog again to post seasonal keywords...
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