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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Calzaghe vs Jones Fight Result & Video Replay

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Calzaghe vs Jones Boxing Fight Results

No legs. No reflexes. No chance. That was the sad state old Roy Jones, Jr. found himself in last night at Madison Square Garden. The things that had for so many years made him unbeatable had deserted him, as they do all men with time, and all that was left was a technically flawed stationary target for Joe Calzaghe to stab and punch at for 12 rounds.. hbo

watch calzaghe vs jones video fight replay online

Now that the Calzaghe vs Jones fight have been concluded with Joe Calzaghe winning the light heavyweight fight against Roy Jones Jr. many boxing fans who don't have access to the pay-per-view event now are busy searching for the available Calzaghe vs Jones Video Fight Replay.

The question now is where can we find the link for the replay of the Jones vs Calzaghe fight? Anyone?

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