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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Watch NCAA Football Match Live Broadcast

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By popular demand here is the live broadcast schedule of the NCAA football match.  The list below will summarize the TV listing where you can watch Middle Tennesee vs Mississippi State, Texas A&M vs Iowa State, Alabama vs Tennessee, Penn State vs Ohio State, Southern Miss vs Memphis, Notre Dame vs Washington, Colarado State vs San Diego State & USC vs Arizona.

The time and TV network that will broadcast the live NCAA football match is tabulated below.


TV Network

NCAA Match

7:00 pm


Middle Tennessee vs Mississippi State

7:00 pm


Texas A&M vs. Iowa State

7:45 pm


Alabama vs. Tennessee

8:00 pm


Penn State vs. Ohio State

8:00 pm


Southern Miss vs. Memphis

8:00 pm


Notre Dame vs. Washington

9:30 pm

The Mtn.

Colorado State vs. San Diego State

10:15 pm


USC vs. Arizona

To see the live game score of the NCAA match above, go to this link.  It will open in new window and you can see the live score.  I'l check if I can find a legal way to watch NCAA match live game online and if I find one I will surely post the info here.

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