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Friday, October 31, 2008

How to Add Sitemap in Blogger / Blogspot

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A lot of SEO expert and veteran blogger out there preach that adding sitemap to a blog or site is crucial element in website or blog.  They said that it will help search engine robot to quickly detect the content of your site as well as help your site in terms of indexing.

For wordpress blog, this is simple.  You'll just add the Wordpress Generator Plugin, activate, generate the sitemap and thats it.  You have a nice looking sitemap which you can later on add to google webmaster tool, yahoo sitemap or msn sitemap services.

For blogspot or blogger user on the other hand, it is much much simplier.. :) You can use the rss xml.  This blog for example I use the url  or for sitemap submission. So that is the quick way to add sitemap for blogs hosted in blogger.

You might want to use this free sitemap submit tool.  This online tool will let you submit your blogs sitemap to google, yahoo, ask, live, and moreover.

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